Arts Backpack Pilot – How to get involved

In December 2018 ACA published their commissioned feasibility study examining the idea of an Arts Backpack programme for every primary school child in the UK. An Arts Backpack would serve as a digital collection point for Arts, Cultural, Heritage and Library engagements – aiming to ensure that every child had access to at least five quality participatory experiences throughout the school year. Click here to download the report.

We are now focussing on delivering the report’s recommendations and would like to invite professionals with an interest in this UK wide programme to get in touch, and to get involved. We are looking for the following collaborators:

  • Local Lead Organisation - supported by ACA to coordinate the project in their area; this will include engaging with primary schools, launching the Arts Backpack in their area, supporting schools during the pilot
  • Local/Regional Arts and Cultural Organisation Partners - support by the Local Lead Organisation and ACA; the local partners will form a hub, offering a menu of activities to participating schools
  • National Digital Partner - ACA would like to work with an organisation who can guide the digital element of the Backpack for all pilot programmes
  • National Evaluation and Research Partner - ACA would like to work with an organisation who can evaluate the effectiveness of all pilot programmes

We are keen to link with any organisations or individuals interested in working with us on this aspect of the work. Click here to download the full pilot briefing document. Email: if you are interested in collaborating, funding or participating in the pilot projects.

Arts Backpack Pilot – How to get involved
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