ACA has held a number of conferences since the organisation was founded in 1998. The conference that launched our Manifesto for Children's Arts took place at the Unicorn Theatre in July 2008.

Putting Children First - national well-being, children and the arts

19 June 2012, Unicorn Theatre

The aim of this conference was to explore the place that the arts have in children’s
lives, not just at school, but at home and in their local communities. It was put into context by this paper.

Click here to download the conference report.

Safeguarding and Enhancing Arts for Children

13/14 November 2018, Hawkswood House

Exploring how children's arts organisations are developing their practice, working to protect the future of the industry, and connecting with well-being projects. Kindly hosted by the Potential Trust.

Click here to download the conference report.

Developing the Arts Backpack UK pilots

28/29 November 2019, Hawkswood House

We gathered thought-leaders, creatives, and stake-holders for the Arts Backpack UK to further develop the pilots, and to challenge existing structures. Kindly hosted by the Potential Trust.

Click here to download the conference report.


"Provision of arts for children is one of those perennial issues that has to be continually addressed.

- Sir Ken Robinson

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