Brief for The Arts Backpack Feasibility Study

Introducing the Idea

Action for Children’s Arts would like to commission an arts and cultural researcher to explore the idea of a virtual Arts Backpack being offered to every Primary School child in the UK. The Arts Backpack will serve as a digital collection point for all their Arts, Cultural, Heritage and Library engagements and experiences across the school year and our aim is to ensure that each child can access a minimum of 5 experiences.

Click here to download the full Feasibility Brief.

The Feasibility Study – Why we are seeking to commission it

ACA want to commission a study examining the validity of the Arts Backpack idea. We plan to begin this study in Autumn 2018. The funded Feasibility Study (FS) will, among other targets, enable the creation of a national steering group and potentially regional steering groups. Key to the process will be the identification of a strong case to support it across the UK.

We wish to appeal to:

  • Funded arts providers who could do more for children;
  • Commercial providers who could do more for children;
  • A selection of exemplary children’s arts providers;
  • Digital arts/children’s learning providers;
  • Politicians from across the UK with remits for Arts, Culture, Education, Digital, Health and Well-being; HE researchers working on, or who have published work looking at children and creativity or the impact of creativity in society;
  • Leaders in understanding and assessing the impact of creative industries on UK GDP.

The role of the Arts Business Consultant

We expect the Consultant to develop the FS over a 6 week period; the £4,000.00 fee offered covers all costs and expenses. The Consultant will be contracted as a freelance role with agreed and accepted responsibility for their own National Insurance and Income Tax. The Consultant will work independently with weekly agreed liaison with designated ACA Trustee(s).

Purpose of the Feasibility Study

The FS must offer clear reporting from a current review of published information and available literature related to the concept and scope of a UK wide initiative challenging all primary school children to connect with heritage, libraries, culture and the arts.

The Feasibility Study should address the following particular areas:

Research areas:

  • International models of good practice
  • Synergy to current UK programmes in Arts and Sports
  • Current access and engagement levels/barrier to access for Arts and Cultural Events for primary school children across UK
  • A review of current research pertinent to this idea
  • Identified case for the educational, creative, emotional wellbeing, commercial and citizenship strengths that recommend this idea for support

Proposals for the Project’s Delivery and Management:

  • An outline of the shape, format and scope of the project supported by the evidence gathered
  • Project pilot options
  • Project Timescale
  • Digital and online engagement options
  • Outline of funding and resources required for the pilot and expanded programme
  • Regional and National Set Up options

Reflection and Continuity

  • Project evaluation choices
  • Overview of Sustainability highlighting any currently perceived risks.

How to apply

Expressions of interest should be submitted electronically to:

Mimi Doulton, Development Director:

Expressions of interest should include:

  • CV
  • A statement of why the project is of interest to you
  • Details of previous experience relevant to the project
  • Contact details of 2 referees

Deadline: 7 September 2018

Click here to download the full Feasibility Brief.

Brief for The Arts Backpack Feasibility Study
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