The Arts Backpack UK

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February 2019: ACA looks for pilot partners

January 2019: ACA publishes Feasibility Study

August 2018: photos from the Arts Backpack UK launch

August 2018: Arts Backpack UK launched at the National Theatre

On Saturday 4 August 2018, Action for Children’s Arts (ACA) launched the Arts Backpack UK at the National Theatre. This is a project which, if implemented, will ensure that every primary school child in the UK has at least five cultural experiences in the school year. It has been proposed to government ministers, representatives from Arts Council England and key individuals within the sector as a way to combat the diminishing role that arts subjects play in schools across the UK.

The idea is inspired by similar schemes worldwide: the Norwegian Cultural Rucksack, the Israeli Cultural Breadbasket and the German Culture Rucksack in Nuremberg. The principle is to offer every primary school child in the UK a digital rucksack, where they can collect their Arts, Cultural, Heritage and Library experiences throughout the year. The aim is to collect a minimum of five experiences.